The card game.

(name of collaboration tbd.)

2018 is a year dedicated to new experiments. Ever since I've gotten into art, I've wanted to participate in a collaboration project. Different ideas and styles of work put together always make the most beautiful of creations. This year, I decided to stop waiting to be invited to a project that never was going to happen, and to organize my own. 

I am bringing artists around the world to design 52 playing cards, 1 deck. The project is simple. Every artist is assigned 1 playing card to design, and in the end, we'll have a deck full of unique cards designed by  52 talented individuals. 

The rules are simple. Every artist is allowed to use any medium or style (watercolor, vector, 3D, typography, collage, etc.) All they have to do is follow this short list to keep the cards appropriate, cohesive, and playable. 

1. Please do not edit the top 3 layers of the template so that all of the cards will remain consistent. (I made an illustrator template for every artist with an art board the size the card containing a white border and their number/suit)

2. Please stick to your card’s color palette. If you are a heart/diamond, please try to stick to mainly reds/pinks. If you are a spade/club, please try to stick to mainly blacks/greys/dark blues. Of course, you may use accent colors.

3. Artwork must be PG-13 or under. Keep the violence and sexuality minimal. 

4. Avoid copy-written artwork. No fan art or portraits of celebrities. 

The final designs will be due March 23rd. These cards will not be sold. Every designer will be given the option to receive a deck for just the production/shipping cost. After each designer receives their deck, no more will ever be printed. These are limited edition. 

The goal of this project is just purely fun, with a hint of networking and a great addition to everyone's portfolios. Every artist will retain their rights to their work after X amount are printed for the participating artists.

This is not an original idea, and has been done before. There are many differences, but there have been collaborative card projects created in the past. Unlike this collaboration, these cards are for sale (to the public). I highly recommend you check them out. 

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